About Patrick

Committed to Being a Public Servant

 Patrick Joyce is determined to restore the right values and priorities in Springfield. He is running for Illinois State Senate to make sure all of his constituents' voices are heard, from making health care more accessible and affordable to standing up for our small businesses that create jobs and support our families.  

"I will serve with honesty, integrity, and civility.  We are a very diversified district with urban, suburban, and rural communities. I plan to work closely with each of these communities around the issues each feels strongly about.  I am here to listen and learn about the concerns of working families.  I look forward to the challenges ahead and will fight to help the people of this district.” -Patrick Joyce

A member of the community-

Patrick is a fourth generation farmer who grew up and attended school in Reddick, Illinois. He earned his B.A. in Agribusiness, from Illinois State University.  He now resides in Essex, Illinois where he has worked as owner and operator of his family-owned farm. He was a 19-year member of the Kankakee County Farm Bureau and served on the Board of Directors. Patrick has been a lifelong advocate for conservation and environmental awareness. He is married, a father of three, and has two granddaughters. Patrick and his wife, Rita, lost a daughter to leukemia in 2011; he has since become a team leader for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Team "Yes! I am Katelyn Friend!" has raised over $200,000 for the cause and he is often involved in fundraising for other worthy, charitable causes.